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3 Day Weather Forecast

BuzzFm has a great repuation for getting it right, a top spot for sponsorship

Get great exposure for your products or services all over The Canary Islands

Variable 3 Day Weather Packages to suit your budget and campaign

  • Mon-Fri 07:00-18:00 €125.00 Monthly
  • Mon-Fri 19:00-23:00 €50.00 Monthly
  • Mon-Fri 07:00-18:00 €50.00 Weekly
  • Mon-Fri 19:00-23:00 €25.00 Weekly
  • Weekend 07:00-23:00 €75.00 Monthly
  • Weekend 07:00-23:00 €50.00 Weekly

Prices do not IGIC at 7%

High Volume News Website

Canary Island News - We have built a reputation as a trusted channel for local and international news. Sponsorship of The Local News Headlines on air Monday-Friday during hours 07:00, 08:00, 09:00, 10:00, 13:00 and 18:00. Monthly €125.00, Weekly €75.00 (+IGIC 6.5%). Our current volume of monthly views at is now over 250,000 and climbing. Get on board and experience increased sales!

Web Banner Ads

Standard Side Banner €75.00 Monthly

Large Side Banner Side €95.00 Monthly

Top or Bottom Banner €50.00 Monthly

We understand that each Business is unique and will have different needs for their advertising goals. Our customised packages start from €5.00 per month. Just send a message below for more details

Prices do not include IGIC at 7%

Alexa Friendly

The next generation of radio listening is here and growing fast.

We have it covered - Jusy say 'Alexa open Buzz Canary Islands'. That's it!

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