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Living The Life - Everyday!

Total Audience Reach Over Five Million

BuzzFm has great Spot Rotation Packages that are scheduled to your Package Order so you know when your Ads will be played and at the right times

The Buzz Music Mix is captivating to our listeners

Spot Ads are effective radio advertising, low cost and easy to change. Our rotation robots guarantee your Ads are rotated properly avoiding listener fatigue

  • Buzz Spot Ad 30sec Mon-Fri 24-7 €1.50
  • Buzz Spot Ad 30sec Mon-Fri 08:00-19:00 €2.00
  • Buzz Spot Ad 30sec Weekend €1.75
  • Buzz Spot Ad 30sec Mon-Fri 19:00-08:00 €0.50
  • Buzz Spot Ad 30sec Weekend 19:00-08:00 €1.00
  • Buzz Spot Production (including voice and animation) €75.00

Buzz Spot Ads offer a 15sec option too, allow 25% discount on the prices above. IGIC at 6.5% is not included

The Hundred Euro Club

Radio Spot advertising that gets your message across The Canary Islands.

Most island businesses are owner run with a small monthly budgets.

100 x 30 second spots per month with 60% at peak time (08.00 - 18:00).

,€100.00 +IGIC. Simple

Alexa Friendly

The next generation of radio listening is here and growing fast.

Already over 100 million worldwide.

We have it covered - Jusy say 'Alexa play Buzz Canary Islands'. That's it!

Free Alexa Echo Dot

All new customers with a Hundred Euro Club plan will receive an Amazon Echo 3rd generation Dot.

It's great for venues and shops as the unit has an external output for PA and sound systems.

Tourist Focused Radio

Your holiday starts here where musical memories and moments are made. Now with our Alexa worldwide tourist radio service you can take Buzz with you and catch that sunshine vibe at home.

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