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Now Covering Spain & The Canary Islands

BuzzFm started broadcasting in 2005 on Lanzarote & Fuerteventura and our popularity with the listeners and advertisers has created a solid media business now expanding to the other Canary Islands with the new 100-600mbs fibre broadband roll out from Movistar(Telefonica), now completed on the major islands.

A Special Buzz Music Mix & News Service For The Canary Islands

Quality Cool Music is the bedrock of Buzz, chosen by a team of musical professionals who love great songs.

  • Listen while you browse
  • Positive programming
  • Always on 24-7
  • Fully optimised for great online sound
  • Buzz with a sunshine vibe location
  • No fillers - Just as it is!

Buzz has a unique sound idendity created by a combination of music styles, audio animation and information delivery that doesn't follow the usual DJ radio show formats. It's refreshing, different and easy on the ear.

High Volume News Website

Canary Island News We have built a reputation as a trusted channel for local and international news. The 'Buzzers' are on the case and provide a good mix of news stories and useful information that can be viewed on smart phones,tablets and PCs with great advertising spaces that do not get in the way of the viewing experience.

The Hundred Euro Club

Radio Spot advertising that gets your message across The Canary Islands.

Most island businesses are owner run with a small monthly budgets.

100 x 30 second spots per month with 60% at peak time (08.00 - 18:00).

,€100.00 +IGIC. Simple

Now covering Spain, The Canary Islands, Ireland and the UK

Reach a wider market without the costs of conventional media. Consumer habits are changing fast and we can help your business 'get out there' using our new technology that reports listening stats,viewing impressions and clicks.

Catch the Buzz soon!

Alexa Friendly

The next generation of radio listening is here and growing fast.

Already over 150 million Alexa Smart Speakers Sold Worldwide.

We have it covered - Jusy say 'Alexa open Buzz Canary Islands'. That's it!

Tourist Focused Radio

Your holiday starts here where musical memories and moments are made. Now with our Alexa worldwide tourist radio service you can take Buzz with you and catch that sunshine vibe at home.

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